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Mobile Map Usage Across the Country

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As you may or may not be aware, every smart phone comes equipped with a mapping service application. These applications are ubiquitous amongst all mobile platforms, including Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating system. Both Apple and Google provide their own map applications to their customer, in addition to other apps available from third-party companies.

Map applications make life much easier compared to the old fashion way of having to fumble through a physical map. Thanks to advances in GPS technology we now have the convenience of accessing turn by turn directions from a smart phone or a standalone GPS device.

According to Google, over 100 million people per month are now using Google Maps on their mobile phone. Imagine what the numbers would be if the majority of consumers joined the bandwagon and download map applications onto their smart phones. If you included every phone that is capable accessing a map application, the numbers would be staggering.

Overall map usage on phones comScore has indicated that the numbers have skyrocketed! Over the last 6 months, visitors to web-based maps or map apps on smart phones have increased by 24%.

Coincidentally enough, those looking for an apartment or in search of buying a new home are just as likely to use a map application on their phones to find that perfect place to call home.

In a sample of over 30,000 mobile phone users across the country, ForRent.com users in various cities are seen as being very map savvy while others are steadily warming up to the technology.

Android – ForRent.com

As seen in a recent Local Mobile Phone Growth article, Denver leads the way with overall mobile phone usage to find an apartment. In terms of map usage on phones, Denver wins again with 78% of apartment seekers utilizing a map on an Android based phone rather than an iPhone or any other phone for that matter.

Coming in a close second is Dayton who, when taking into account overall mobile phone usage, actually came in 14th place for those using an Android phone. Such rankings indicate that while they may not use the phone in each occasion to search for an apartment, but when they do, they go straight to a map! Additionally, let’s not get into how men function on their phones in comparison to women…that’s a whole different article in itself!

iOS – ForRent.com

As for iPhones, Fayetteville leads the way in our sample with nearly 67% of apartment seekers utilizing an iPhone map over all others. Next up is Portland who is right on their heels at 66% and Milwaukee, coming in just shy of 65%, is right behind them!

Interestingly enough, Fayetteville also came in 14th place in overall mobile phone usage on an iPhone. As with Dayton, research indicates that out of all the cities using an iPhones, those searching for an apartment in Fayetteville are more prone to use the map on their iPhone than just the phone alone.

Mobile Map Usage - ForRent.com

















For Homes.com as a whole in September a sample size of 80,000 visitors were used to determine how end users in select markets use the maps on their phone and how it helps them find their next home.

Android – Homes.com
Throughout the 25 markets that were sampled, Phoenix comes in number one for cities that use the map feature on the Android phone with a nearly 60% market share.

Kansas City comes in second with 56% of its end users using a map to find the next home on a Android phone and Houston coming in third at 55%.

With Android results such as these, it looks like the mid-west and south-west areas are very savvy map users!

iOS – Homes.com
Trying to decide which new smartphone to buy? In most cases you have a clear choice of either an Android or an iPhone. In this sample size, Boston leads the way in utilizing a map on an iPhone with 65% using it to find a home. This indicates that the iPhone is winning the mobile wars in Boston when it comes to looking at available real estate.

In second place, San Diego comes in with nearly 60% of the home buyers using the map to start and complete their search for a new home. In Miami, those looking for a new home to buy while using a map come in third with 58%.

Quite the county criss-cross!


Mobile Map Usage - Homes.com


















Overall, as you might be able to tell, there is quite the difference geographically between how end users search for an apartment utilizing maps, and those searching for a home and utilizing maps. Granted, the two searches are very different from each other and require more or less footwork depending upon your needs. The mobile results for ForRent.com and Homes.com indicate the very difference in those needs and how apartment seekers and home buyers function.

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