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Growing Trends in Mobile Phone Usage

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Local Mobile Phone Growth – Growing Trends in Mobile Phone Usage

Do you find yourself using your smartphone more and more each day? You may not be surprised to learn that you are not alone; a growing number of Americans are now using their phones as part of their daily routines. Whether it’s online shopping, streaming their favorite television show or checking the latest sports scores, mobile users are actively using their phones more than ever.

In the apartment rental and real estate industry, mobile users are on the rise as well. Using a sample size of approximately 1,000,000 visitors, ForRent.com and Homes.com (who together represents 4 percent of all of the real estate and apartment traffic nationwide according to HitWise) has compiled statistics to inform and educate our clients on which operating systems their end users feel the most comfortable using.

As you can see below, our customers’ preferences between the two rival mobile operating systems (Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS) vary drastically depending on the market. Of the statistics listed below, those living in Denver lean towards using Android-based smartphones, with apartment seekers in Seattle and Philadelphia following close behind.

In the Connecticut region (comprised of several smaller markets), consumers clearly prefer the more user-friendly iOS, followed by Sacramento and Portland as the next top two cities who prefer Apple’s iOS.

This data is indicative of how those searching for apartments gravitate towards their operating system of choice. When comparing the twenty-four cities, the results are polarized with cities either favoring Android or iOS.  Very few of the cities are split evenly in terms of potential renters’ usage between a particular operating system (OS) to find their next apartment.

Is your city below?


ForRent.com Local Mobile Trends



















To clarify, phones that run Android or iOS operating systems include:

General Mobile Phone Examples











According to comScore smartphone research, Android accounts for 52.6 percent of smartphone subscribers while Apple (iOS operating system) accounts for 34.3. (comScore: August 2012 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share)

Prospective home owners and those looking for a home to rent are also dialed into the rising mobile trend. The rivalry between real estate search tool applications for each respective operating system is white hot across the country, users in the Kansas City real estate market ranked number one for Android users, with Chicago and Atlanta right on its heels.

As for iOS users, those looking to buy or rent a home are doing so by the masses in Boston, with Los Angeles in second place and San Diego third. Additionally, Homes.com has also discovered that mobile based search inquiries have increased with the advent of tablet devices.


Homes.com Local Mobile Trends

Whether you plan on using your phone to buy the latest shoes, check your e-mail or surf the internet, also keep in mind that both ForRent.com and Homes.com have developed in-depth and robust websites that can easily be navigated through either the Android or iOS phones to name a few. Both the apartment for rent website, ForRent.com and the homes for sale website, Homes.com offer free mobile applications as well.

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